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Air Import & Export

Air Import & Export
HONWELL has close cooperation with many Air Lines, such as CEAH, CSAH ,CA,BA. Besides service in domestic market ,our service also covers South America , Australia-New Zealand, Africa Line, Japan, Korea Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the Bay of Bengal, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Europe, Mediterranean, Canada, Latin America, the world’s major regions. HONWELL can offer high quality in international air and domestic air transport services. According to customer needs, we will choose the quickest and most economic flight, the implementation of all-weather multi-transport program (door to door, door to airport, airport to airport, airport to door). For example, HONWELL has several cooperation with International Red Cross .Our safe and prompt action, not only passed materials, but also shows humanity love! Air service to:
* Manifest the same day on-site transfer
* Fast and smooth customs clearance, inspection and quarantine services
* To provide flight tracking reports
* Monitor transit service
* In accordance with customer requirements, provide special packaging and sorting of goods operation, short forwarding services
* In accordance with customer requirements, provide pallets, slide, shrink packaging films
* In accordance with customer requirements, the provision of goods split or consolidation services personal

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