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Private goods services

Private goods services
HONWELL developed the imp and exp of personal effects as a specific designed professional service by our advantage of both sea and Air freight, provides customers with services including packing, warehousing, transporting, distributing and customs clearance etc. Operators who have been trained by professional organs can provide services including disassembling, packing, loading, moving, installing, position-fixing and sorting etc. Closed box cars and standard cartons will ensure cargoes’ intactness. We ensure in-time, safe and exact arrival by our knowledge and net-work in international logistics to supply high-quality service for all customers.

The feature of sea transportation of personal effects are as follows:

  • There is no limit to the quantity, weight and measurements of any assignment. Therefore, it is suitable for large volume of personal luggage to transport by sea.
  • There is a regular sailing schedule and a “track and trace” system for the mode of transportation.
  • The cargo will be containerized, thus high safety in the transportation will be ensured.
  • The cost of transportation by sea is much lower than that of transportation by air or post.

Handling Procedures of Personal Effects:

  • Consultation Service.
  • Calculate weight, measurement, number of packages of cargoes.
  • Confirm mode and scheme of packaging, count charge.
  • Confirm charge and services with clients.
  • Booking space.
  • Pack, pick up the cargoes and gather payment at appointed place.

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